Why is Wikipedia considered a poor primary resource for a research paper?

Answer Because from moment to moment, you cannot be certain of its reliability. In fact, it is far less reliable than other printed sources you could (and should) be using.An expansive and systematic stu... Read More »

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Why is Wikipedia considered a questionable resource when it comes to using it as a reference for research?

Wikipedia is what's known as a 'wiki', which means anyone (even you) can edit it. This means two things: 1) It's updated with new information almost immediately after something is reported on in... Read More »

Do you consider Wikipedia as a creditable resource to use in writing an academic paper?

An expansive and systematic study of all of the edits made for one calendar quarter (late 2007) on Wikipedia's 100 articles about the hundred U.S. senators showed that the content in those articles... Read More »

Why isn't Wikipedia a not considered a credible reference source in college research?

Because Wikipedia is a tertiary level source - that is its articles are summaries of what has been published elsewhere. These secondary sources are listed at the bottom of the article page in the r... Read More »

How do you cite a Wikipedia page as a reference in a research paper?

The above answers are correct as far as format goes, but I would be VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY careful using Wikipedia as a source in a formal research paper.Since anyone can edit it, information from ... Read More »