Why is Wikipedia acting weird on my computer only?

Answer Because Chrome has a glitch. Change your Zoom to 100%

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Why is my computer screen acting weird (Pic Included)?

You need to specify what is wrong with your computer. Honestly, all I see is a cute baby on the screen.

My /computer /is /acting /really /weird!!! PLEASE HELP?

Looks to me like your keyboard is messed up. Try plugging in an external keyboard and see if that works out better for you.

Why do Wikipedia article titles look weird on my computer?

Are you using the StumbleUpon toolbar? If so, go to Tools>Toolbar Options>Search & Tagging and untick the four boxes in the "Web Search" section. Click OK and go back onto any Wikipedia article a... Read More »

My iPod is acting weird!?

that does suck. I had a different issue with mine recently, it wasnt showing in itunes when I had it plugged in, at all. I couldnt add/remove/change playlists, nothing, but it was charging. It was ... Read More »