What do you think Waldo from Where's Waldo uses as a form of transportation to get to all these places?

Answer i think he uses an interdimensional time traveling portal

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How to Spot Waldo in Every "Where's Waldo"?

Waldo is not a master of disguise, but he is a master of hiding. "Where's Waldo" books, featuring the title character in his adventures around the world, are made up of images of dense crowds. Wald... Read More »

How to Find Waldo?

Finding Waldo can be hard work, but with this guide you'll be on your merry way.

Why does waldo hide?

He borrowed money from the Russian Mafia.

What nationality is the surname Waldo?

A surname with a Germanic heritage, Waldo originated in the German state of Bavaria as a local name meaning "someone who lived near the woods." The Waldo family in Medieval Times was a notable fami... Read More »