Why is Sicily one of the sources for great Italian cuisine?

Answer Because they've been developing their cooking for many many years based on Italian cuisine; Sicilian food also has Spanish, Greek and Arab influences. It's a great representative of Southern Italia... Read More »

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But... do you think that italian's cuisine is like the Buddy's cuisine?

I looked up Buddy's reviews and they're positive. I think people want to eat good food whether it's authentic or not. Olive Garden isn't authentic Italian, either, but the food is good. When we ... Read More »

What is Italian cuisine?

Italian cuisine varies regionally and encompasses a wide variety of fragrant dishes. Dishes often feature seafood, pasta and sauces influenced by Arabian, Sicilian and Mediterranean cookery. Italia... Read More »

Do you like italian cuisine?

Love it ! My favourite is the dessert zuccotto. I also love Risotto.

What is prevalent in Italian cuisine?

Italian food is prevalent throughout America. We are lovers of pizza, spaghetti and lasagna. Olive oil has also become a staple in most households because it contains healthy fats. A few ingredi... Read More »