Why is Portuguese the major official language of Brazil?

Answer Brazilians speak Portuguese because Portugal conquered the area that is today known as Brazil in the 16th century. Though Portuguese settlers and the indigenous population intermarried, Portuguese ... Read More »

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Why Portuguese is the Official Language of Brazil?

Brazil sets itself apart from the rest of South America because the vast majority of its 200 million people speak Portuguese instead of Spanish. There are three major reasons for this.

Portuguese is the official language of which South American country?

Portuguese is the official and most widely spoken language in Brazil. Less commonly spoken languages in Brazil include Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, English and numerous minor Amerindian lang... Read More »

What language was most commonly used in India when Hindi became the official language in 1965?

Information from the University of Pennsylvania's Department of Linguistics explains that prior to Hindi becoming India's official language, English was spoken in all of India's regions. Because ma... Read More »

Language Schools for Portuguese?

Portuguese is a romance language that spread worldwide after Portugal became a colonial empire in the 15th century. Learning this language will open up communication with individuals who speak it. ... Read More »