Why is Outlook Express the default email client in Firefox?

Answer Outlook Express is automatically installed on all Windows-based machines. It is selected as the default mail client for any web browsers, including Firefox, at the time of installation. The default... Read More »

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How to Change My Default Email Away From Outlook Express?

Microsoft Outlook Express is the default email program included with the Windows XP operating system. Although it is a useful program, it was replaced by Windows Mail in later versions of the Windo... Read More »

How to Set MS Outlook as the Default Mail Client?

Microsoft Outlook, as of 2010, is available only for Windows PCs. When you set MS Outlook as your default mail client, MS Outlook will be the program that opens up when you click on an email link o... Read More »

How to Change the Default Send From Outlook Express to Outlook?

Setting the system default mail application to your primary mail application will save you a lot of time. Any time that you click on a link to send an email, your default mail application will ope... Read More »

How to Make MS Outlook My Default Mail Client?

When you visit a website and click on an underlined email address, your default mail client opens, and then it opens a new message window, preaddressed and ready for you to compose and send. If you... Read More »