Why is Ohio's nickname the buckeye state?

Answer The state name of "Ohio" comes from the Iroquois word for "good" or "large" river, according to Enchanted Learning. Ohio is also referred to as the "buckeye" state, which has many potential origins... Read More »

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What is an ohio state buckeye?

An Ohio State buckeye is the official mascot of Ohio State University, with the buckeye tree being the state tree of Ohio. Ohio residents also refer to themselves as "Buckeyes."GeographyThe buckeye... Read More »

Which Ohio State Buckeye was in pre-med?

Robert Smith was a running back for the Ohio State Buckeyes who quit the team in 1991 because he didn't think the coaches were allowing him enough time to pursue his pre-med degree at the Big Ten u... Read More »

What state has the Green Mountain State nickname?

Vermont has the nickname of The Green Mountain State. The state flag has a picture of a mountain on it, and the Green Mountains run throughout Vermont. The state got the name when a visiting clergy... Read More »

Is the nickname of Kentucky the bluegrass state?

Kentucky's nickname is "The Bluegrass State." The nickname comes from the many acres of bluegrass in the Commonwealth. Interestingly, the blades of bluegrass are green. The buds of bluegrass are bl... Read More »