Why is Marijuana illegal when Alcohol is legal?

Answer Paranoia is only a result of the plant being illegal. If not illegal, no paranoia would occur. 2nd, it is a known fact that you can not overdose on marijuana. You would have to smoke 1500 pounds... Read More »

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How is alcohol, cigars,cigarettes etc. legal and marijuana not?

God is PerfectMan is NotMan made BeerGod made PotLEGALIZE IT

Why is marijuana(cannibas) illegal when it can treat so many illnesses?

There are a lot of reasons, most of which have been pointed out. There's also some historical reasons for why it was initially outlawed and demonized. Like many drugs, at the time it was a way of... Read More »

Why isn't marijuana legal when the majority of the nation smokes it?

Ok sorry getting on my soapbox here.... Marijuana isn't legal because the govenment cannot see the revenue they could make by packaging and taxing it like they do liquor. If they would remove their... Read More »

Why is marijuana illegal, When all the research I've done indicates that it's healthy more then anything else?

nice can of worms...Marijuana is much less detrimental than alcohol or tobacco.I am not a pot smoker, however I do know a bit about the effects of tobacco on society which are large and carry a lar... Read More »