Why is Lady Justice a lady?

Answer Justice has been depicted as a woman for many thousands of years. This tradition goes right back to ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.Ancient EgyptAccording to Egypt expert Caroline Seawright, the go... Read More »

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What is the meaning of lady justice?

According to the Marion Gould Gallagher Law Library at the University of Washington there have been many representations of Lady Justice dating back through time, with a version portrayed by the Eg... Read More »

What is lady justice doing with a set of scales?

Lady Justice, also known as Justitia, is holding scales that represent the strength of a case. She is balancing the scales based on the strength of evidence given by both sides of a case.Source:Nat... Read More »

What does Lady Justice represent?

The statue of Lady Justice represents the concept that justice must be impartial, without regard to influences like power, wealth or identity. The figure stands wearing a blindfold and holding a se... Read More »

When was Lady Justice made?

While it is not clear when the current depictions of Lady Justice, wearing a blindfold and carrying scales or a sword, were created, it is believed that the original Lady Justice was the mythologic... Read More »