Why is Kevlar used in bulletproof vests?

Answer Kevlar is a very strong polymer fiber that is used to augment or serve as bullet-resistant material. While Kevlar material is strong and used in bulletproof vests, it is a common misconception that... Read More »

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Are Kevlar army helmets bulletproof?

The advanced combat helmet employed by the U.S. Army is rated to provide protection against a 9mm, 124 grain, full metal jacket round traveling at a speed of 1,450 feet per second. Soldiers credit ... Read More »

Are bulletproof vests illegal?

Most states do not prohibit the possession of a bulletproof vest. It is unlawful for a person to purchase or possess body armor if that person has been convicted of a felony. Also, in the state o... Read More »

Who invented bulletproof vests?

Polish-born Casimir Zeglen of Chicago invented the first commercially available bulletproof vest made of silk. Silk was a light material and, if woven together in a special way, has the ability to ... Read More »

Can a minor possess bulletproof vests?

A parent or guardian may purchase a bulletproof vest for a minor according to BulletProofMe's website. However, it is illegal to purchase a bullet-resistant vest with the intention of committing a ... Read More »