Why is Junk food the cheapest food, and healthy food is expensive?

Answer That's a good question. That's why people who are financially challenged suffer from obesity. I'm sure more people would love to be able to eat more healthfully but they really cannot afford to. Ju... Read More »

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How to Make Cheap and Healthy Junk Food Meals?

Do you love junk foods? Or do you have kids that just won't stop eating them? Well creating your own healthy but delicious junk food is a easy way to kick that bad habit to the curb and can be made... Read More »

What do you like better :mexican food , chines food, italian food or fast food?

All of it, but I'm not really a fan of fast food..........

Why is health food more expensive than fast food?

Simple. Health food is higher quality food, fast food is lower quality food. Since higher quality products cost more to make than lower quality products, they cost more to the consumer. Thus, he... Read More »

Ok now, food buffs, hungry men, and general lovers of food, what culture has the bestest food?

These are some of the best ethnic food around in my opinion:ThaiMalayIndianCajun