Why is Ireland called the Emerald Isle?

Answer Ireland has a temperate climate---it rarely has ice or snow---and a year-round growing season, particularly in the southern part of the country. No one knows who first christened Ireland the Emeral... Read More »

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How did Ireland get the nickname"Emerald Isle"?

Few countries have a more romantic nickname than Ireland, poetically dubbed "the Emerald Isle." Emerald green serves as both a physical description of the island's verdant plant growth and as a lon... Read More »

What country is called the Emerald Isle?

The country of Ireland is often referred to as the Emerald Isle. With it's plush and green country sides, according to O' Connell, the 1795 poem, "Erin" by William Drennan, was the first... Read More »

Who was the Patroness of Emerald Isle?

The Patroness of Emerald Isle is known as St. Brigid in Ireland. She was born in 453 A.D. and is celebrated every year on February 1st. Despite being born the daughter of a rather cruel chieftan, S... Read More »

What country is nicknamed"The Emerald Isle"?

It is believed that Ireland was first coined "The Emerald Isle" by Irish author William Drennan. The phrase appears in his patriotic poem, When Erin First Rose, which was published in 1795. In the ... Read More »