Why is Iowa important in the presidential elections?

Answer Every four years, America goes to the polls to elect the president of the United States. However, before that happens, there is a separate contest to decide which candidate each party will run. Thi... Read More »

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Why is the Iowa primary so important in U.S. elections?

Iowa's primary race, better known as the Iowa caucuses, is so important in United States elections because it is the first race to be held in the primary season. Since it is the first race, its res... Read More »

In how many presidential elections have we had only one candidate?

Three presidential elections are considered unopposed: George Washington in 1789 and 1792 and James Monroe in 1820. However, even in those three elections, electoral votes were cast for other cand... Read More »

How often are presidential elections in Mexico?

Mexico is a federal republic and holds presidential elections every six years. The Mexican president is elected by a simple majority of voters and cannot be re-elected. Potential candidates have to... Read More »

How often are presidential elections held in France?

Presidential elections are held in France every five years in a two-step process. All voters participate in the first stage of voting, but if no candidate receives a majority of the votes, the cand... Read More »