Why is ISO 9000 important?

Answer There are many companies that proudly proclaim that they are ISO 9000 certified. This distinction serves to set them apart from their competition.PurposeISO 9000 provides a set of standards of mana... Read More »

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What is ISO 9000?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a network of organizations from 189 countries based in Switzerland. Member organizations come from both the government and the private se... Read More »

What does iso 9000 stand for?

ISO 9000 refers to a set of standards for quality management systems. The "ISO" alone means International Organization for Standardization. When 9000 is added, it refers to the group of three indiv... Read More »

What is non-conformance for iso 9000?

ISO-9000, developed by the International Organization for Standardization is a set of requirements defining the global standard for quality management systems (QMS). ISO-9001 is the specific docume... Read More »

Where was the ISO 9000 introduced?

The International Standards for Organization (ISO) 9000 was introduced at the ISO Central Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland. Technical committees develop the ISO standards, after which they publis... Read More »