Why is Homeopathy so looked down upon?

Answer There are many instances when a G.P. will tell a patient that (s)he must simply put up with a chronic ailment. In those situations, the patient would be plain silly not to seek an alternative treat... Read More »

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Why is WIC looked down upon?

Maybe you don't, but there are definitely people who do abuse the system. I am all for people who truly need assistance getting the help they need, but some people are on programs like this, yet ha... Read More »

Why is being a gardener so looked down upon?

my dear young lady. whom ever told you thar being a gardener is looked down upon? those who care not or can not garden? i have never heard of gardening being looked down upon. some of the worl... Read More »

Why is it looked upon with such scorn that UK Osteopaths do not use the title Doctor?

You can look at in a few ways.1) KO & co want to slander you in any way possible, including attacking your profession since you seem to care about it. Not being a "doctor" is a basis to form an at... Read More »

Why are women still looked down on for liking tattoos?

Sadly, and summed up well by several, men (mostly) are not willing to let women be their equals, and that means they need to put women down whenever they assert themselves. We're still very patria... Read More »