Why is Hitler's page protected from editing ?

Answer We try very hard to keep it available for editing, but the level of vandalism is pretty high. Move vandalism is a really nasty problem. That is moving Hitler to "Hitler on Wheels" and similar title... Read More »

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Can kids get in trouble for editing their school's wikipedia page?

There are two kinds of "trouble" here: Academic and Legal. In the United States the 1st amendment in theory protects speech like this, so these kids probably will not get in legal trouble. However ... Read More »

Is editing one else's wikipedia page easy as changing your own profile Is finding changes a 50%+ probability?

If you mean can you edit random articles, yes! that's the whole idea of Wikipedia, that anyone can edit it.

When you visit a web page this page is memorized in the pc. Is there a way to erase this page from the memory?

Yes its easy! whenever you visit a web page your browser stores a copy of this page in your pc's (cache) or temporary files for later fast visiting. you can remove it from Tools > Internet Options ... Read More »

I have a photography page on Facebook. How do I make it so people can't steal pictures from my page?

that isnt possible - anyone can "steal" any picture they can see