Why is Gordon Ramsay so vile to vegetarians?

Answer cos hes an ugly animal killing foul mouthed n*bhead

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Does Gordon Ramsay wear contacts?

There is no evidence to suggest famous that Scottish celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay wears contact lenses. Ramsay's autobiography, "Humble Pie," does not mention his eyes or contacts at all. Neil Simp... Read More »

What is Gordon Ramsay's date of birth?

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was born November 8, 1966. The Glasgow, Scotland native is best known for the pencil he keeps tucked behind his ear and the sometimes unpleasant language he uses in the... Read More »

Does Gordon Ramsay cook at his resturant in nyc?

He probably visits occasionally and when he is there you will probably know because you will hear him screaming at his staff using much profanity.

How do Gordon Ramsay's knives rate compare to victoinox or Henckels?

IDK - but America's Test Kitchen rates Victorinox highly. Henckels has three levels of knives - economy, which aren't worth it, mid-range, and HOW MUCH??? I have their medium grade and have been ve... Read More »