Why is Google flagging everything as potentially harmful this morning?

Answer It was probably just a glitch, as it seems to be working now. ^_^

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Why do I get potentially harmful file downloads automatically drop down on google chrome?

Use and avast. Free also use and run regular scan and the registry scan

Could this potentially be harmful?

Probably a sebaceous cyst. Get someone to look at it and see if there is a darker spot at its tip which would confirm that.

Can I develop heart disease or any potentially harmful problem because I am too emotional and sensitive?

Well who better to answer this question, yes it can, stress can also cause strokes. When your stressed, your heart pumps faster and your adrenaline pumps chemicals into the brain which the brain ca... Read More »

Are white feathery colonies growing on my dishwasher filter likely to be thermophillic bacteria and are they potentially harmful?

You CAN put aluminum in a dishwasher. It's just the risk of chemical reaction caused by some detergents, water supplies, and wash temperatures. Details omitted.