Why is Google being so slow?

Answer Not everybody is sent to the same server when they use Google so it's unlikely that everybody would experience the same slow-down. I'm in Atlanta and it's VERY slow today.My organization's website ... Read More »

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Why is google chrome being so slow?

I recommend to install Click&Clean extension for a more complete cleaning of Chrome(automatically clear your browsing history, cookie, cache, flash LSO, etc on closing Chrome), Read More »

Why am I being redirected to google sites when I try to visit a public non-google site?

Hi, I have the same issue! And as far as I sweetly know, I havnt broken any rules or conduct, Ive been using the forums at Age of Kings Heaven the same way I have been since I joined. I just was on... Read More »

Is google slow for everyone?

No wonder it takes forever to load some pages... Google does take forever to load. Same for any page using Google ads...

Facebook is being really slow?