Why is Friday the thirteenth unlucky?

Answer You no doubt have at least the subconscious awareness that when Friday the thirteenth appears on the calendar, you may be better off staying indoors...or perhaps in an open area free of dangerous o... Read More »

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How to Stop Being Unlucky?

Do you believe you're being hounded by bad luck? Is there one bad circumstance after the other happening to you? Do you feel like being drawn downward and wish to put your head in a pillow and stay... Read More »

Are green cars unlucky?

On One Hand: Superstition Says YesAccording to BBC News, some cultures attach superstitious powers to the color green. This superstition is generally limited to people from Britain and the United S... Read More »

Are children who aren't adopted unlucky?

OMG...who the hell is this poor brain washed schmuck writing the "What it's like to be Adopted" section?? I mean really somebody get the kid into therapy because he is delusional.I'd like to write... Read More »

Is black an unlucky colour whenever i wear it i have a bad day?

i wear black every day — and my life sucks.hmmm. you might be onto something there.