Why is Facebook more popular then MySpace?

Answer Facebook appears more professional than Myspace. Myspace appeals more to urban high school students than college age and above professionals.

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What's more popular: Facebook, or MySpace?

Facebook or myspace, which is more popular?

Officially, MySpace ( ) is more popular (has more users). But Facebook ( ) has been getting a lot of buzz lately.Yuniti ( ) has also been ... Read More »

Is the Iphone4 more popular then the iPad?

This question depends on however you decide. But since the iPad is only one of its kind (obviously iPhone 4 is just the fourth version of the iPhone itself), the majority of the people would normal... Read More »

Will mac ever be more popular then pc?

yes they are rapidly taking market share, they make up a bigger percentage in the PC market quarter after quarter. their prices have come down a lot and they are not even that much more expensive, ... Read More »