Why is Facebook blocked in China?

Answer Because in China when people start to question the Government the government cracks down. Opponents are called terrorists, traitors and unpatriotic. The state controlled media that supports the gov... Read More »

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My dad blocked https://facebook and http://facebook. What do i do?

Join twitter. Or get a phone and join from there.

Was I deleted/blocked on Facebook?

it could be either thing - ask a mutual friend if they can see the profile or not.... if they cant then they probably just deactivated their account, if they can, then you were blocked

How to Find Out if Somebody Has Blocked You on Facebook?

Facebook provides nearly unlimited options for you to stay in contact with your friends. When you want to cut someone out of your Facebook life completely, use the block feature to prohibit that pe... Read More »

My friend and I both blocked each other on facebook...?

Go to your block list in your privacy settings.. it'll show his name and say "remove" or something close to that. =)