Why is FYE and so incredibly overpriced?

Answer I think it is beacuase most of the places you see FYE stores are where people go when they have alot of money to blow. The only ones I have seen are in shopping malls and town centres. Its REDICU... Read More »

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Does anybody think Starbucks is overpriced?

Yes! Something is wrong in this country when a cup of coffee costs as much as a burger and fries.Oh, and I think the ultra-Starbucks people who speak the weird lingo are really pretentious."I'll ha... Read More »

Why is star bucks overpriced?

It's known as Corporate Greed. This country and others are caught up in this game of whoever has the most money wins. I make my own coffee drinks at home in the morning before heading out. So much ... Read More »

Are Leupold scopes overpriced?

On One Hand: Great CraftsmanshipLeupold scopes are midpriced scopes that offer generous eye relief with a lightweight and rugged construction. The craftsmanship features advanced lens coatings that... Read More »

Are apple products overpriced?

Contributor 1: In my opinion they are, you can buy a PC for a lot less and the PC will do as much as the mac if not more. Some people prefer apple products based on style and graphics, but they are... Read More »