Why is DDR SDRAM better than SDRAM?

Answer DDR SDRAM stands for double data-rate synchronous dynamic random access memory, and SDRAM is simply synchronous dynamic random access memory. These acronyms are used in reference RAM, or a computer... Read More »

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If your motherboard supports ecc sdram memory, can you substitute non-ecc sdram memory?

Some motherboards support both, check your motherboard.

Which is better: DDR, SDRAM or RDRAM?

On One Hand: DDR Is FasterDDR RAM has achieved near universal adoption with computer manufacturers. DDR RAM has the highest capacity and transfer speeds of all current types of RAM. Unlike RDRAM an... Read More »

Installed 512MB 133Mhz SDRAM into my P2 system with 256MB 133Mhz SDRAM installed and only 256MB RAM shows up?

Well maybe your motherboard doesnt support any higher than that. Happens alot.

Upgrading SDRAM?

Check the motherboard can accept a single 512MB stick. Many old PIII and Athlon boards don't. You may need to get 2 X 256MB. If it's a PII you may be stuck with 128MB sticks max.Assuming it will... Read More »