Why is Coke Zero fizzing over on its own?

Answer Maybe a gnat flew into it when you weren't looking.Doubtful you'll "get sick" from a tired little coke zero.

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Monitors fizzing?

It's fizzing? I didn't know computer monitors were carbonated. :)I think that the best thing to do would be to take it to a shop so that both your monitor and your video card can be properly check... Read More »

What tastes nicer: cherry coke, coke, diet coke, dr pepper?

Given the choice, ordinary coke - but what's the matter with good old lemonade ! ! !

How to Make Fizzing Bath Salts?

There is nothing quite like a hot bath after a long hard day to help relieve stress and relax muscles. But you can transform your ordinary bath into a fun fizzing aromatherapy session. Fizzing bath... Read More »

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