Which city is called pink city ?

Answer Jaipur in India.Hope it helps!

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What was a queen called in medieval times?

With the exception of Queen Matilda of England (1102-1167), who proclaimed herself "Empress Matilda," female medieval rulers were simply referred to as queens. The proper way to approach a medieval... Read More »

Have you ever heard of a band called queen?

What happened to the ship called Queen Mary?

The Queen Mary ship took its final voyage and was later retired in the year 1967. It was sold to the city of Long Beach, California, and it has since been docked and operated as a hotel, restaurant... Read More »

In the movie Sex and the City - why is he called Mr Big?

Mr Big himself ask her this same question on one her book readings she was having out in LA. She answered that is was to protect the identity of the innocent. On a more personal note, I think Mr Bi... Read More »