Why is Facebook so slow It's 9/22/10, and it's been slow for the past 3 days.?

Answer Try going outside instead.

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Should I go to this trip to Italy although I'll miss 8 days of school I mean it's Italy ! And these 8 days ar?

I think it's totally worth it. You can catch up very easily,it's only 8 dayz. Look this is once in a life time! Who can say the went to Italy before 11th grade.. Not many people. I would so do it i... Read More »

Were the railroads slow to accept diesels in the old days?

Lance,Good question and you're right, railroads were not impressed with diesels as main line, heavy-haul, locomotives until the very late 1930s when the EA and FT were unveiled by EMD. From the 19... Read More »

Where can I buy a CRT TV these days?

They are all used. Craigslist, pawnshop, Goodwill.

My computer and internet is running slow the past two days can you help me please?

take the weather into consideration, the Internet is operated by satellites...or try turning off your modem and let it cool off