Is limewire no longer for free I can not get connected?

Answer I prefer direct downloads links, if you keep on having troubles you should try download from file hosting service is much better.

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What do I replace my AVG with when it is no longer free in January ?

you can try Avast, it's free and just as good as AVG

Living on 13,000.00 a year, my doctor will not longer be able to give me free samples?

I hope You get well soon.. I'm doing my best to help every1 to cure their illness including you.. with my Islam Prayers.. You don`t have to vote me for the best answer.. im doing this for free.. I ... Read More »

Which stays smudge free longer plastic lens, polycarbonate, or glass?

You won't notice a meaningful difference between them in terms of smudges.Polycarb is plastic. While some people hate on polycarb, in reality its refractive index is only a few percent lower than ... Read More »

If you have unlimited texting, do you get ChaCha answers for free?

chacha answers me for free on here all the time, sometimes she hits me up for sexual favors though, i don't mind