Why is Blood Sugar Important?

Answer Blood sugar functions as fuel to the brain and also as a supplier of quick energy to the cells.

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Why are blood sugar levels important?

Blood sugar levels show if your diabetes is controlled. Controlling your blood sugar makes you feel better. This can reduce your chances of going blind, losing feeling in your legs and getting ampu... Read More »

Why is blood sugar control important?

Persistently high blood sugar levels are detrimental to our health. They reflect the body’s inability to use glucose for its various needs. Acute complications such as diabetic ketoacidosis may a... Read More »

why is Controlling blood sugar important?

Carefully controlling blood sugar is the key to maintaining good health. Hypoglycaemia, blood glucose that is too low, and hyperglycaemia, blood sugar that is too high, are the result of poor control.

Why is blood sugar an important test?

This is because you can get gestational diabetes while pregnant. This is where you develop diabetes(i presume it's due to hormones), and if not taken care of, it can lead to the baby being diabetic... Read More »