Why is Barney bad for kids?

Answer I think it is just a matter of opinion. My mom didn't like it and didn't let me watch it but I loved sesame street. I don't like Barney because I think he sounds stupid when he talks, baby bop's vo... Read More »

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How can barney the backyard show be the first episode of barney if on a day at the beach the didn't even know who barney was?

a day at the beach was suppose to be the 1st episode. the directer forgot to film a day at the beach 1st. I am guessing that the backyard gang had no idea. but trust me. I had the same question whe... Read More »

Where are the barney kids?

There are many different casts from the Barney and Friends seasons. Some kids grew up to be normal adults and some grew up to be more famous actors and actresses like Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.

What are the kids from Barney doing now?

I know Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato were kids on Barney, Theyre singers/actresses now, but you probably already knew that.

What ever happened to the kids on Barney?

Some of them went back to their traumatized lives while others tried to further their acting blunder. One of them became a stripper and one boy because a drunk, got in a car accident and is now doi... Read More »