Why is Asprin Beneficial to the Cardiac Patient?

Answer Aspirin, also called acetylsalicylic acid, is a common nonprescription medication used for everyday complaints such as headaches, fever and inflammation. For some individuals, aspirin may also prov... Read More »

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How to calculate cardiac output for the patient and what you put on the stroke volume during calculation?

Cardiac output (Q) = Stroke Volume × Heart rate

If an Insurance Company pays for services rendered by Doctors Office yet does not post and cash check until after patient has moved on to a new plan is patient still responsible for original payment?

Answer little unclear on who received funds they didn't post or cash, (doc's office has an ins. co. check?) but i believe the answer is this:if you signed forms in a doctor's office that said you a... Read More »

How much asprin should you take per dose?

Seeing as you are 16, I would think you could read a label.

Can you take asprin when pregnant?

no when one is pregnant one should avoid taking medicines