Why is Amish a religion option on Facebook?

Answer There are the odd Beachy Amish who would have facebook and some Conservative Menonites.

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Facebook emoticons not an option?

No, you do not have to download it. You just have to do the following in chatting to make it.Facebook emotions in chatting:Smiley face- :)Happy face- :DSad face- :(Crying face- :'(Confused place- o... Read More »

What does the option subscribe mean in facebook?

It means that every message directed to him (from another subscriber) will also be posted on your wall. Yes, he will know.

What is add an official page option in facebook?

That should be reported by someone i suppose... And moreover if you do so, there is a high probability that you lose your page... It may be marked as a duplicate of that page and deleted...Hope thi... Read More »

How do i add the new Facebook emoticon status update option?

there is nothing you can do to add it - facebook will give it to you when they are ready - not everyone has it yetbut maybe you do already have it and just dont realize how to use it yet... read th... Read More »