Why is the Alabama mascot an elephant?

Answer The University of Alabama's football team is officially known as The Crimson Tide, a reference to the color of their uniforms. That might confuse casual onlookers who see their elephant mascot "Big... Read More »

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How to Tell the Difference Between an Asian Elephant and an African Elephant?

An Asian elephantElephants are the largest land animals on Earth. There are two species: the Asian elephant and the African elephant. Here are ways to tell the difference between the two species if... Read More »

What is the mascot or nickname for the coast guard academy you know they have athletic teams must have nickname or mascot?

Bears - United States Coast Guard Academy (New London, Connecticut) Objee the bear: Coast Guard Academy's Costumed Mascot and, until 1984, a live bear kept on campus.

Who is the mascot for the Boston Red Sox?

Wally, the Green Monster, is the official mascot for Major League Baseball's Boston Red Sox. In addition to offering up his antics at Fenway Park, Red Sox management offers Wally up for corporate, ... Read More »

Who is the Six Flags mascot?

The Six Flags mascot is a bald older man who dons a tuxedo, bow tie, thick dark glasses, and is named Mr. Six. In Six Flag commercials, Mr. Six rides around the country in a bus encouraging tourist... Read More »