Why iphones are very much costly?

Answer Settings, phone, tty off. if wnt turn off, call Apple Support 800-694-7466. Check out for helpful information.

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Why is a database so costly?

A database is a table of records that can be accessed through searches, so why does hiring someone to create one cost so much? A well-engineered database interface may seem simple but conceals much... Read More »

Why Mobile TV Are very Costly?

if you're talking about a LIVE mobile tv, that's a television that has live tv wherever you are, wifi is not needed.thats why costly

How costly is termite treatment?

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I am in the usa heath insurance is very costly?

In Britain we have somewhat higher taxes than the USA but we get free health care, heavily supported dentistry and social support.To an American it is "rampant socialism" to us it is simply good ci... Read More »