Why internet explorer closes down everytime?

Answer Hi,I would suggest you to follow the steps mentioned below to troubleshoot the issue:*Open Internet Explorer without add-ons and check if the issue persists. Click on Start > click All Programs > c... Read More »

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My Internet explorer automatically closes and i cant use Internet unless add-ons are disabled, How do i fix?

dis-able all add-ons and enable one by one until IE crashes again. You have a bad add-on installed.

Why does my internet explorer closes whenever i open it then says that it needs to debug and close?

Download Adaware program, scan your computer, clean it.Adaware is free...If not, then reinstall Internet explorer.

Everytime i open internet explorer two Tabs come up .. . how do i get rid of one?

On the toolbar at the top of the pageClick on ToolsScroll down to Internet OptionsDelete one of the lines out of the home page box

Everytime my neighbor uses his dishwasher, I can't use the internet?

Since when do dishwashers interfere with Wi-Fi signals. And since when did the use of dishwashers by neighbors become a nuisance that would involve the law.