Why infant doesn't undergo skin testing?

Answer You are describing nerve pain, he needs to see a Neurologist ASAP!

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Is it possible to catch hiv from having a drip of blood on skin and the skin doesnt have any cuts?

It's seriously unlikely. You have a bigger chance of winning the lotto, or getting hit by the bus tomorrow. You'll be fine.

What is the disease that presents a severe rash on an infant of which appears to be skin burns with areas of skin beginning to peel off?

How to stop burnt skin peeling aftersun doesnt work !?

The skin is going to peel if it is burnt regardless of what you put on it. The top layer has burnt and so your body naturally peels to get rid of it. I find that lots of aloe vera gel helps keep ... Read More »

Can an infant get skin cancer?

Infants heart rates are higher than adults by nature. If you notice blueish color around the mouth, fingernails or toe nails you should seek medical care immediately. Infants with heart failure wil... Read More »