Why in wikipedia isn`t info about Nicholas Rockefeller?

Answer There was an article but it was deleted in 2008 as it failed to make the grade for a biographical article as it did not establish his notability based on references to information published in reli... Read More »

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Wikipedia + info = bad!!!!!!!!!?

Don't trust a Wikipedia page if it satisfies at least two of the following conditions:-Laden with ten or more [citation needed] tags-Bears at least five maintenance tags-Had broken grammar-Overly o... Read More »

Is wikipedia really a bad source of info?

No, in my opinion, it isn't a bad source of information usually, because it does have most of the right information and many people do put the right info, but there are a few that always have to pu... Read More »

Who checks the info on Wikipedia?

Its readers are supposed to check the information. You read anything in Wikipedia, you're supposed to verify its accuracy yourself. But that's too much hassle, so most people just assume it's all t... Read More »

Is it true that anyone can put up info on wikipedia?

Ya, anyone could go on wikipedia and put up information but the site checks if its right.