Why in general brothers hating their sisters stories are more commonly heard compared to sisters hating their brothers and same sex siblings hating each other?

Answer I haven't really thought of any situation as more common than the others, but I think it's because younger brothers tend to consider their sisters as "pests" and older brothers consider their siste... Read More »

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Why some brothers start hating their sisters after getting a girlfriend?

He is probably just trying to impress his girlfriend by being mean to other girls showing her that she is the only one even though they are his sister/s. Or maybe his girlfriend just feels threaten... Read More »

How is the relationship between brothers and sisters on the prairie compared to brothers and sisters now?

Im A Loser For Hating The Jonas Brothers?

Jackie your cool in my book. Have a star. :)

Who else is tired of people hating on the Jonas Brothers?

The word "on" in your question is an unnecessary preposition. "Who else is tired of people hating the Jonas Brothers" would be more proper.Now maybe if we didn't have to see them shoved in our fac... Read More »