Why in 300 were they called the immortals?

Answer ImmortalesThe ancient Persian Immortals were a band of warriors 10,000 strong and were personal bodyguard to the king himself (in 300's case, Xerxes I). They were know as Immortals, not only becau... Read More »

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Who were the members of the band that played in Miami vice pilot Were they a real group or were they actors?

What are five kids called if they were born at the same time?

fivetuplets is the correct term. Not quite. QUINTUPLETS

If one were to let an animal loose on a subway or metro while they were alone, would they get caught?

I don't know if they have cameras in the actual trains or not, they might in some place but probably not in most. However, they do have security people and security cameras on subway platforms and ... Read More »

What was name of comedy show on bbc that was based on older couple where they were poor but the wife always trying to make it seem as though they were well off?

It's one of most subversive elements in UK society. I left the UK two years ago, and the BBC was one of the reasons I left. Biased, lying, ultra-left wing. A cancer. Orwellian. I'd simply had enough.