Why in 300 were they called the immortals?

Answer ImmortalesThe ancient Persian Immortals were a band of warriors 10,000 strong and were personal bodyguard to the king himself (in 300's case, Xerxes I). They were know as Immortals, not only becau... Read More »

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Can immortals die?

The definition of immortal is someone who cannot die. No.

Can my old Laptop run War of the Immortals?

Playable on low setting. Probably like 32 Fps

How to Meld Pets in "Battle of the Immortals"?

"Battle of the Immortals" is an online role-playing game that allows players to earn pet companions to help them in battle. These pets can be earned by completing certain missions, defeating monste... Read More »

Why was Connor MacLeod in the pilot episode for Highlander The Series when the first movie made in 1986 ended with him as the last immortal while the TV show had hundreds of immortals still around?

Because Adrian Paul originally was cast to play Connor MacLeod- but he talked the producers into letting him play his own character. So Christopher Lambert was asked to appear in the first episode ... Read More »