Why i should buy hp PRODUCTS?

Answer dont buy HP computers. they are made with the lowest of the low components. its funny cause they are like ERMAGERD 8Gb of ram and a quad core. but the motherboard is old as **** no expansion slots,... Read More »

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Should i buy replica Louis Vuitton products?

No. For one, doing so is just plain pathetic.Second, depending on your jurisdiction, the sale of counterfeit trademarked items is a misdemeanor or a felony. By purchasing them, you are funding crim... Read More »

Help, my hair is so damaged what products should I use?

I'm like you and have searched literally FOREVER for the perfect hair care solution. I'm pretty sure I've discovered it just by using the right shampoo & conditioner from Bumble and Bumble. Your ha... Read More »

What products should not be used by pregnant women?

%DETAILS% Answer Some environmental pollutants may be harmful to a developing baby. Here's a list of them:Lead: In gasoline, water pipes, solders, storage batteries, construction material, paints, ... Read More »

Should a non diabetic eat food products marked suitable for diabetics?

it would be fine for non diabetics to eat foods marked suitable for diabetics--they are just SUITABLE meaning without sugar, or with sugar substitutes such as splenda that are safe for diabetics. ... Read More »