Why i can't connect my brother mfc-j425w to my iMac?

Answer Not being a Mac user, my friend, I'm afraid I don't know which version of Mac OS your computer uses. This means I can't give you a direct link to the driver and/or software that you need. You can, ... Read More »

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Why cant my language translator be use anymore i use imac.?

Elaborate Not enough information for assistance What program What happened etc

Cant connect to league minecraft or steam, but can still connect to internet?

sound like a computer glitch go on java and try to update

How do I connect an iMac to LCD?

Determine the Appropriate PortUse the LCD television manual to determine what "auxiliary in" port the LCD television has. Most LCD televisions will have one, or all, of the following: VGA, DVI or H... Read More »

For my graduation I am going to get an iMac. For owners of the iMac: Are you satisfied with the iMac?

My iMac is awesome. It is a 2GHz processor with 3GB memory. The screen is wonderful and very high-quality, and the operating system, of course, is the best in the business. You will love your iMac.... Read More »