Why houseplant leaves turning pale green?

Answer Sounds like you need to fertilize your houseplants, they need nitrogen.

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How does one care for the houseplant Ivy Why do some develope light green leaves and those leaves dry up?

What houseplant has green leaves with pink veins kind of a vine?

Episcia C can have green leaves with pink veins and red flowers.

What Are the Causes of Green Bean Leaves Turning White?

White leaves on green bean plants can be a sign that the plant is being attacked by one of three types of fungi: powdery mildew, bean rust or pythium blight. Prevention methods, such as planting di... Read More »

How can I stop my leaves on my rosebush from turning yellow with green spots?

READ ME FIRST! 1. you can't stop yellow leaves. 2. you are wrong, you have NO disease.first, i am a state certified master gardener for over 15 years, and need to be recertified each year. i ha... Read More »