Why homeowners often put lime on their lawns in spring?

Answer it helps the plants grow

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How do I use lime on grass lawns?

Test the SoilTake or send in a sample of your soil to your local county extension office for analysis to learn the type of lime your grass lawn needs and the proper amount you should apply. Dolomit... Read More »

How often can you spray lawns for weeds?

On One Hand: Early applicationMost weed killers require only one application, especially those that are "non-selective," meaning they don't discriminate in the plant life that they kill. To be succ... Read More »

Why many people in American upper class neighborhoods excessively "chemically treat" their lawns?

It's no different than women who get their nails done every week, and their hair styled at a salon for a party - they are keeping up appearances. They are also subject to marketing and peer pressur... Read More »

Does anybody here play with their hair and scratch their head often?

TOTALLY ironic that you just said this, as I read this question I was picking at my scalp, lmao! Yea, I do it all the time though. It just bugs me, even though I shower every day it still feels dir... Read More »