Why hd 6850 priced at 11000 rs in india as on amazon it is only 145 $?

Answer that is because of import duty and tax in India.if you buy HD 6850 in US then you cannot claim warranty in India so it won't be easy at all to get replacement in case something bad happens with you... Read More »

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How much is the lowest priced iPhone 4S available in India?

16 Gb is 16 000 Mb, witch is 16 000 000 kb.1 minute of music is about 700 kb, depending on the quality of the music. A music file most of the times includes the kbps, wich means kb per second. kpbs... Read More »

Why iphone is priced so high in India when its real worth is Rs.8500 in U.S.?

Why are some HDMI cables priced £60-70 whilst some are priced £2-5 What is the difference?

Simple answering is marketing.No cable is 3000% better then an other one, no matter what it is made out of.You pay for the name, for the status, for the "peace of mind"One will be gold plated and o... Read More »

How much area will an 11000 btu air conditioner cover?

The coverage provided by any air conditioner will vary by factors such as how much sun a room gets, how much insulation the house has, and possibly the AC unit itself. An 11,000 BTU air conditioner... Read More »