Why haven't potatoes or tomatoes made their way into Asian foods?

Answer Hey I get what you're asking here. You are correct, and I have to agreed with you. It's truth that most of the Asian dishes does not have tomato and potato in their food as much as the Westerner or... Read More »

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Why havent nikon or canon made their own camera phone?

Canon and Nikon are camera and optics manufacturers. They would rather make those endoscopic tubes that gastroenterologists slide up your rectum than get their feet wet with the overly filled-up mo... Read More »

Can I plant tomatoes and potatoes together?

On One Hand: It's Possible and Can Save SpaceYou can combine both plants while planting them, which will make the roots more durable and optimize gardening space. The trick is to hollow a seeding h... Read More »

Do you think Potatoes are better than Tomatoes xx?

Generally I like tomatoes better and I use them more. But if we're talking about one of those gross mealy tomatoes, potatoes are way better. Tomatoes have the potential to be really bad, and I don'... Read More »

Is it okay to grow tomatoes in a bed where potatoes just grew?

Crop rotation is important in the prevention of diseases in tomato crops. According to West Virginia University, you should wait 2 years before planting tomatoes in a bed or an area of your garden ... Read More »