Have u ever seen/heard anything weird on the baby monitor!?

Answer Audio monitorA coyote killing our cat, right outside our sons window.We didn't know what was happening at the time; we thought it was a cat fight until we found her fur. This was only a couple of ... Read More »

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Is it OK to lie when a friend asks if their child is the cutest baby you have ever seen?

How many points do you have left?Just wondering how many stupid questions we have to go through.

You want to find your father but hes from France and you havent seen him in ove 12 years how can you do this?

Adeline wrote Chinese Cinderella & Falling Leaves after her stepmother died, to avoid being persecuted. Also, it is believed that you cannot write bad things about a person when they are alive.

If you havent seen the usual white raw egg mucous during ovulation this month does that mean you are pregnant?

Answer Not necesarilly. It could just mean you haven't ovulated yet or that you don't have discharge this month. Wait unti you are late for your period and take a home test.

When should you go to the hospital if you are a couple days past your due date and you havent seen a doctor how do you know if you are dialated or anything like that?

Answer You should go to the doctor right away. Also, if you haven't seen a doctor during the pregnancy, you cannot be sure of your due date. Also, pay close attention to any contractions you may b... Read More »