Why haven't I been able to get little to none sleep in 5 days?

Answer As there is a lot of arguing going on in your house then I would say that it is playing on your mind. When you get to bed it is probably going round and round in your mind. Make sure you get lots o... Read More »

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Have not been able to sleep good for 1 month (insomnia)?

If your normal sleep is restored, you shall regain your good health. Details follow----------------Insomnia*/Sleeplessness-Permanent cure: No Medication required.• Sleep is the gift of the God gi... Read More »

Can your condo association put a lien on your condo if you havent been able to pay your maintenance fees?

Short answer: yes. Longer answer: If you are unable to keep up with paying your assessments, it's always a good idea to relay this information to your association management company and work out a ... Read More »

3 days straight of being drunk/Stoned Little sleep.. Feel like hell! Help!?

Yup, perfectly normal considering the circumstances. You've abused yourself, and now you feel the abuse.Stay in bed, drink a lot of water, eat something if you can. You probably won't feel good aga... Read More »

My Mother passed Feb. 21, 2008. I have not been able to sleep since then. How long will this last.?

My thought and prayers are with you. A mother is special. Think how she would feel if she could see you now, so sad and unhappy. How do you think she would she feel. Not great i guess. Try to liv... Read More »