Why have you vegetarians not chosen to be vegan?

Answer Firstly you are assuming people only go vegetarian due to the ethical reasons. There are many reasons, some of which have nothing to do with animal treatment. Yes. There are vegetarians out there w... Read More »

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To vegetarians: Why not vegan?

Me, I'm a vegetarian, but i didn't become one because of the aspect of harming animals. I just don't like the taste of meat. HOWEVER, i love dairy.there ya go. an answer from the heart.

I don't understand Vegan/Vegetarians?

It is simply a personal choice. It is possible to eat a very healthy diet and be vegan or vegetarian, though you should take the B vitamins that are only found in animal products. I AM NOT a vegeta... Read More »

How many vegan and vegetarians dislike PETA?

They are a great example of what is wrong with the world. Their extremest tactics and "undercover expos" are a joke. I get sick and tired of the BS they spew. They are hate mongers and all hate mon... Read More »

Why do vegan and vegetarians try to preach about how horrible meat is for you?

A few preach because they think it will somehow cause you to become a vegetarian, too.However, most do it because preaching and criticizing makes them feel as though they are more intelligent and e... Read More »