I have been a type1 diabetic for 6 years now and lately i haven't been taking care of myself I stopped caring?

Answer I was where you are about 15 years ago, I felt very defeated and that I just couldn't get my numbers right so why bother? Then I read something that kicked me into gear, perhaps it will help you, ... Read More »

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Why have i been so hungry lately?

You are most lokely having a growth spurt, i get very hungry when i have growth spurts

My eyes have been bothering me lately.?

Why have I been losing energy lately?

I am 32 and I know I have gone through periods of feeling sluggish in the morning during my 20's. This has not happened in a long time for me. If it is something like iron deficiency, I have no c... Read More »

What Year is it and where have YOU been lately?

I have been walking through the woods looking for you my dear.We are counting down to Christmas of 2007, just 21 sleeps to go.