Why have the desktop icons on my computer............?

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My desktop icons and startup bar is gone ....idk how to get them back all i have is a desktop background?

Try the SIMPLE fix firstRIGHT click an area of the blank desktop, select ARANGE ICON BY, then make sure "SHOW DESKTOP ICONS" is ticked.

How do i remove icons from a desktop but not the computer?

Right-click on the IconsClick on the icons you want to remove with the right mouse button. This will open up a dialog box with several options for you to choose.Delete the IconChoose to delete the ... Read More »

How do i make the icons on a desktop computer small?

Windows XPRight-click on the desktop. Select "Properties." Select "Appearance" and click on "Advanced." Select "Icon" under the item box. Use the "Size" drop-down box to make your icons a smaller s... Read More »

Will you please help me... i unable to see any icons on my computer desktop...?